Pupils participate in a sport competition - St Andrew's College

Pupils participate in a sport competition

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Mar 30, 2020
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Apr 1, 2020

Pupils participate in a sport competition

College boys have been working hard and getting rather competitive with the Bronco Challenge. Senior
Hockey and Rugby squads had to complete two Bronco tests. One Bronco is a shuttle run of 20m, 40m and 60m
x 5 Repetitions. This is a grueling 1.2km of running that includes 29 turns. Once players complete the first Bronco
they rest for 5min and do it again. The time is recorded for each one to create competition between sporting codes,
age groups as well as positions within a team.

The fastest Bronco time so far is held by 1st XI Hockey player Justin Stoddart at 4 minutes 05 seconds.

The 1st XV Rugby squad has had a few rewards on offer:
• The speedster award (Fastest Individual Bronco time) was won by Liam Little with a time of 4 minutes 15 seconds (he wins a Freezland Milkshake)
• The Relentless award (Lowest combined Bronco time) was won by Hein van Deventer with a combined time of 8:39 (he wins a Highlander Pizza)
• The Consistency King award (Smallest time difference between each Bronco) was won by Lukhanyiso Bomela
(he wins a Nando’s Extra Hot Chicken)

A number of the junior rugby teams have done very well with the challenge. The under 16 Hawks have Connor
Cook with a 4 minute 49 second Bronco as the fastest so far. Sean Conroy has been impressive with a 4:54 and 4:55
double bronco result. Matthew Russell, Aidan Jarvis and Nicholas Lake achieved a 4:57 and 5:11; 4:58 and 5:07; 4:56
and 5:06 respectively.

The under 14 rugby groups fastest bronco result so far has been recorded by Joe Wostenholm with a brilliant 4:13

Laurence Christie