ACADEMIC AWARDS FOR 2019 GRADES 8-11 - St Andrew's College


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Jan 25, 2020
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The annual academic award is made up two sets of marks, viz the November Exam Marks and the Promotion Marks. Boys need to achieve the required average aggregate in both of these. 6 subjects are used in all Grades for the aggregate: In Grade 8 & 9 it is the 6 Core Subjects, and in Grade 10 & 11, it is English, your First Additional Language, Mathematics and your next best three subjects, excluding LO.

For the AS Level candidates, the Academic Awards are calculated on 75% AS Level Final Exam aggregate plus 25% August Trial Exam aggregate.

To achieve Honours, the average aggregate of marks should be 80% or above.
To achieve Colours, the average aggregate of marks should be 75% or above.
To achieve Merit, the average aggregate of marks should be 70% or above.

Grade 8 of 2019 Academic Honours

GRADE 8s of 2019
Merit Colours Honours
Andrew Baisley

Matthew Beamish

Charlie Beaton

Jeremy Cunningham

Ayamnkele Dongwana

Roan Fuller

James Grundlingh

Matthew Houze

Hilton Lindhorst

Kai Niskanen

Christopher Pretorius

Oliver Snart

Lindokuhle Stwayi

Adam Tresfon

David Ball

Jacques Cloete

Ross Gordon

Mumbi Kayula

Ian Meihuizen

Michael Mulcahy

Joshua Pretorius

Siviwe Quma

Boineela Tapela

Ganzani Tembo


Thomas Barrow

Finley Carson

Sinjhun Cawse

Max Coventry

Noah da Motta

Matthew Gouws

Ntsika Mduba

Gregory Miller

Matthew Poole


Grade 9 of 2019 Academic Honours


GRADE 9s of 2019
Merit Colours Honours
Christopher Birrell

James More

Simphiwe Ncube

Christopher Petersen

Henry Spiro

Eirik Torp Nelani

Mlibo Xotyeni


Michael Boynton

Ayomideji Israel-Akinbo

Oliva Lange

Onwabile Lisa

Khenkethile Marr

Scott Moorcroft

Ishan Panchal

Noa Pitcher

Jack Solomon

Julian Walsh

Lamlani Yawa


Antony Baker

Myles Boden

Cameron Destro

Siyamkela George

Joss Hempel

Ethan John

Nicholas Lane

John Marshall

Liam McNaughton

Zach Micklewright

Michael Owen-Jones

Aidan Reynolds

Jack Tasker

Benjamin Terry

Grade 10 of 2019 Academic Honours

GRADE 10s of 2019
Merit Colours Honours
Stuart Christie

Benjamin Fleming

Arran Hepburn

Cameron Holmes

Matthew Hutton

Andrew MacKenzie

Malibongwe Mkosi

Dominic Owen

Zachary Rugamba

Trevor Wabbi Kasozi

Daniel Bradfield

Jacob Erasmus

Dylan Marx

Kitso Mokgatlhe

Ross Mullins

Daniel Pezarro

Likhona Rulashe

Kofi Semane

William Stewart

John Torcida

Nicholas Holmes

Miles Jackson

Mfundi Leta

Africa Matshingana

Libhongo Mazwana

Rowan Rosenberg

James Stadler


Grade 11 of 2019 Academic Honours

GRADE 11s of 2019
Merit Colours Honours
Lukhanyiso Bomela

Nicholas Brotherton

Joshua Cowen

James Flower

Thomas Harper

Benjamin Jevon

James Mackenzie

Courtney McKay

Max McLeod

Duncan Meldrum

Jacques Menagè

Jonathan Moremi

Lawula Papu

Thomas Richardson

Jonathan Shema

Tabo Sihele

Samuel Stuart

Nicholas Sutherland

Joel Vides

Ryan Waddell

Martin Wolmarans

Reece Galloway

Mpanju Kabushenga

James Mullins

Liam Nisbet

Alexander Plumbridge

Robert Shone

James Sparks

Thomas Stavridis


Philip Beynon

Matt Ferguson

Brady Henaghan

James Houze

Haydn John

Robert Kirkpatrick

Ayakha Mahashe

Matthew Schaefer

Jonathan Shamwana

Michael Stavridis

Jordan van der Meulen

Michael Velloza



Today we celebrate the exceptional achievements of our top academics of 2019. There are only two events during the school year when we acknowledge the boys who have excelled academically during the course of the year: this Academic Assembly and Speech Day.

It is an opportunity for all of us to see what academic excellence looks like, and to be inspired by these young men who have worked hard to achieve remarkable academic results.

I would like to re-iterate a couple of points that I make every year, and I would like you all to listen carefully and take them to heart, even if you have heard me saying them before:

  1. I do believe that there are many more boys sitting here who could be achieving above 70% aggregates and joining the boys who are being recognised this morning.  It is a question of the amount of time you spend on your academics and the effort you put into achieving your goals. In the same way that to achieve the same level of fitness one boy may need to train for longer than another, so every one of you needs to put in a different amount of time in order to achieve that goal.
  2. I would like every one of you, from Grade 8 to Matric, to see 60% as a “glass floor” – to not be satisfied with a result less than 60% in every test, oral, practical and project.
  3. Grade 11s, you will apply to university with your results at the end of this year. To get a firm offer from a university on the basis of your Grade 11 marks provides a great sense of security. Of course, you need to achieve those results in your Final Matric exam as well. Matric is actually a two-year course, and so the basis you set this year, starting a week ago already, is what you build your Matric year on, and hence your Final Matric result.
  4. I am concerned about the number of boys being put on detention for simple misdemeanours like repeatedly not bringing books to class, being late, not doing homework, and not meeting deadlines. This is not acceptable and indicates that you are     not taking your academics seriously. It is critical that every single one of you accepts that your academic work is at the core of everything you do at College.
  5. Lastly, due to our geography, we need to travel for sports and other activities. We believe in an all-round education, and we accept that for us to have a full extramural programme, we have to travel and take part in tournaments and festivals. It does not    have to be an either-or situation, and if the teams really believe that their academic work is at the core of their business at College, they will make sure that they catch up their work if they miss school. That is the deal.

I would like to make it clear, though, that if we feel that you are not coping academically or keeping up with your work due to missing too much school, then it would be irresponsible of us to allow you to continue to miss classes. The ball is in your court.