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Mentorship Programme

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Jan 16, 2020
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Jan 20, 2020

Mentorship Programme

The idea of a mentor has become central to learning in the Global South Context. The implication of this programme has strengthened over time at St Andrew’s College, since its initial inception under the guidance of Mr Alan Redfern and Mr Simon Holderness. Mentoring is a two-way street process. It’s a partnership between the mentor and the mentee. It involves listening, questioning, feedback – not so much advising, telling and teaching… Mrs Laura De Lange pointed out to the Grade 12 mentors that mentoring relationships are built on trust, open communication and self- reflection. At St Andrew’s College, we believe in the philosophy that ‘Every boy must be known and loved’. Mentees’ need to feel that there is a safe space in which difficulties can be confined without subsequent judgement or criticism.

We started our Camp with an inspirational talk by the Cathedral Choir director – Kutlwano Kepadisa, who was himself a scholarship recipient at St Stithians College and Rhodes University. On Sunday Morning, the prefects visited the DSG prefect body at the Monastery for a discussion breakfast, which both groups prepared. A sincere note of thanks must go to Mr De Villiers (The Headmaster of DSG), Mr Craig Cuyler and Mr Sheldon Dolf for presenting workshops and discussions during the Camp. The Grade 12s completed the much anticipated camp with the Headmaster, Mr Thompson asking them to make sure their mentees have a wonderful and memorable year at St Andrew’s. In his address to his counter-parts, Jonathan Shamwana drew the concept of positive mentoring from a very personal ethnography which was heart-warming.

I wish to express my sincere note of thank you to the mentees of 2020 for their solid commitment to the programme and the School. May 2020 yield positive relations between the mentors and mentees.