Winners of the Extreme Reading Competition - St Andrew's College

Winners of the Extreme Reading Competition

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Dec 4, 2019
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Dec 4, 2019

Winners of the Extreme Reading Competition

Connor O’Neil Reading “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck. It is about spiritual growth and confronting and solving problems in your life. A process that is often very difficult and relevant to the road I am walking on, pulling a trailer - the trailer is often the burdens we carry. The trailer and "Just read" sign is symbolic of "Just Married"....the falling in love with books, lifelong commitment and dragging along your spiritual and emotional baggage during a life long commitment with yourself and others, and books that you face by reading.... The act of reading and being outdoors in itself is significant as people spend too much time glued to screens, indoors. The extreme hot conditions of the photo, being out in the wild bush and blazing heat....

The Michaelmas Term Extreme Reading Competition was tied between Daniel Roodt and Matthew Hoggarth.

Some Secrets Never Die… so it seems as can be seen in Daniel Roodt’s winning entry for the Extreme Reading Competition.

Lucky for Matthew the Prince of Thieves i.e. Robin Hood was having a bad day and missed his target completely!

Both entries can be found on the Cawse Library Facebook page

A new prize was added to the #ExtremeReading competition, the MaNel Trust award, and this was won by Connor O’Neil.

The MaNel Trust judges felt that the child walking with the book “The Road Less Travelled” was very fitting within the South African context where sadly there is almost no culture of reading, and the boy dragging that very heavy load of books in extremely hot conditions won them over.