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John Jones Fish River Journey comes to an end

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Nov 29, 2019
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Dec 4, 2019

John Jones Fish River Journey comes to an end

Journey 2019 will go down as one of the toughest to date. The crippling drought has rendered the Karoo virtually waterless. Campsites that were picked out years ago due to the access to water and perhaps some green grass, are now bone dry and bare of any grass. In the face of all this those on Journey adapted and met all the challenges that were presented.

The 2019 Journey groups have been outstanding. The pupils grew through the experience and for some, achieved things which they would never have deemed possible. There are umpteen stories of courage and fortitude, highs and lows, times of extreme difficulty and much time for good wholesome fun. In the absence of devices it was a pleasure to see these young people engaged in meaningful communication with each other. One hopes that the value of this experience will encourage all to reflect on how they use their devices, and things like social media, going forward.

The young men and women of Journey 2019 need to be congratulated on a very successful Journey. Of course none of this happens without the generosity of the farmers, many of whom are past pupils or parents of our schools. It is absolutely critical that we nurture these relationships as the future of The Journey is in their hands.

Huge thanks must go to the Group Leaders who guided the groups through the 21-days. The demands of looking after the safety and interests of nearly 40 group members night and day for 21 days, in an often extreme and isolated environment, cannot be underestimated. It is a huge responsibility and they have excelled in all spheres.

The staff who ran the cycle leg need special mention as this is an arduous and demanding task. Preparation starts well before The Journey as the “learn to ride program” and the regular outrides take place. Particular thanks to Mr Marx and Mr Muirhead for their patient efforts in this regard.

The School driving team are men of extraordinary quality. They deserve our sincere thanks for their selfless devotion to meeting all our transport needs under difficult circumstances. Thanks too to Mr Bryan who seamlessly ensures that our transport needs are met.

Those staff who organized and facilitated the Community Service opportunities as well as the Rest and Create days deserve our special thanks. These are really meaningful experiences that greatly enhance the Journey offering. To the Solo Site Team, your efforts, care and concern are greatly appreciated. This was an important addition to the Journey program.

Food tends to occupy most people’s minds much of the time on Journey. We are extremely grateful to Mr Eksteen and all those who assisted him, for the extraordinary effort that was put into ensuring that all our dietary needs were met throughout the Journey. It was a massive job well done.

The two Sanatoriums provide important support throughout the Journey. We are grateful to all their staff for the care and support that they provide.

Out on Journey the team of medics endure considerable hardship to ensure that the medical needs of all are met. We are lucky to have such a committed group of practitioners involved.

Last but not least, thanks to Mr Alcock who provided such a welcoming environment wherever he went. His sing-along evenings are always enjoyed.

Journey 2019 was a great success. Thank you and well done to all concerned.