Epic 21-day John Jones Fish River Journey begins - St Andrew's College

Epic 21-day John Jones Fish River Journey begins

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Nov 12, 2019
Debating Chamber
Nov 15, 2019

Epic 21-day John Jones Fish River Journey begins

The Fish River Journey is one of the most memorable parts of the St Andrew’s College /DSG experience, with months of meticulous planning ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all the pupils and staff, to say nothing of the logistics required to move 200 people approximately 360km down a river over a 21-day period.

The Fish River catchment area is rich in prehistory, in history and in modern socio and economic development, which means that learning will continue beyond the classroom walls. We hope that the Grade 10s will learn about caring for the earth, strategies for sustainable living and how to improve the quality of human life while living within the capacity of supporting ecosystems. We hope that in walking through history, prehistory and veld, they will begin the lifelong habits of observation and reflection. But this Journey is also personal and is a time when the children will learn much about themselves and others. They will learn of their own strengths and what should be truly valued in others: unselfishness, sharing, fortitude and thoughtfulness, creating a bond with their group which will be lasting.

This outdoor education experience builds on the tradition of the Long Walk and will be unique to St Andrew’s and DSG, because it is an in-depth exploration of our place and our people in the beautiful, hardy Eastern Cape. We wish all the Grade 10s who left on Wednesday 13 November 2019, with their support teams, a successful and memorable Journey.