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Honours in Leadership

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Oct 1, 2019
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Oct 3, 2019

Honours in Leadership

Over the past five years Guy Rushmere has stood out as a leader amongst his peers. He has always been a fantastic example to others. People follow his lead, especially in difficult and tense moments because they feel his calmness in pressure situations, and this has a telling effect on them. He has led through his own personal growth and discovered along the way that success is an inside job. He has led and continues to lead by example. He maintains his composure, works through his frustrations and manages his ego by aligning his choices for the greater cause. He is always prepared to seek advice and is brave enough to stand his ground and stay true to what he believes in. Guy is not someone who is interested in accolades and he epitomizes the old adage of getting the job done. He has time for his peers and gives genuine care and guidance towards their achievements.

Mr Bradfield, Guy’s cricket and rugby coach writes the following: “The first cricket match of the year did not go as planned after a massive defeat on Lower, but the team, under Guy’s leadership, was immediately brought into line and encouraged to take on their next mountain. As a batsman, Guy was prepared to openly discuss his vulnerabilities, both technically and mentally. He accurately went about improving, and his innings of 140 against Selborne epitomized a player who took on the responsibility of personal growth. He led his team with distinction to two victories against Grey High School and the team was crowned Warriors T20 Champions in a year in which St Andrew’s College were deemed to be the underdogs.

On the rugby field he again demonstrated the ability of conquering his fears, very much a distributing fly-half who then developed his courage to take on the advantage line. He helped cultivate the cricket and rugby teams into very happy teams, with players who are in a safe space and confident to express their views. It is so easy to align his success with natural talent and in this case we are all quick to surmise that Guy’s achievements came easy. Behind the scenes there is always criticism, comparisons and judging. Guy overcame these challenges through discipline and grit.”

There is little doubt that the feeling around the College campus when Guy is around is very different. He ensures that things get done; people respect him and do not want to let him down. Guy is a positive role model for all and there is little doubt that much of the success of 2019 can be attributed to the manner in which he has led the school, and the genuine respect and affection that people have for him. Much of what he does is behind the scenes as he does not want the limelight. There is no doubt that College has benefited from having Guy at the helm and we believe that he is a worthy recipient of Leadership Honours.