School and House Prefects for 2020 - St Andrew's College

School and House Prefects for 2020

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Sep 25, 2019
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Oct 1, 2019

School and House Prefects for 2020

Congratulations to the St Andrew’s College Heads of Houses for 2020:

Graham House – Reece Galloway
Mullins House – Sam Ryan
Espin House – Matthew Hillary
Merriman House – Jonathan Shema
Armstrong House – Nicholas Brotherton
Upper House – Jonathan Shamwana

The St Andrew’s College Prefects for 2020 are:

Upper House
Head of House: Jonathan Shamwana
Second Head of House: Matthew Schaefer (Additional College Prefect)
House Prefects: James Mullins and Mpanju Kabushenga

Merriman House
Head of House: Jonathan Shema
Second Head of House: Jacques Ménage
House Prefects: Duncan Meldrum, Jordan van der Meulen and Nicholas Sutherland

Armstrong House
Head of House: Nicholas Brotherton
Second Head of House: Robbie Kirkpatrick (Additional College Prefect)
House Prefects: Ayakha Mahashe, Lloyd Koster, Nicholas Barlow, Nicholas Frances

Espin House
Head of House: Matthew Hillary
Second Head of House: Tabo Sihele
House Prefects: Brendan Mouritzen and James Mackenzie

Mullins House
Head of House: Sam Ryan
Second Head of House: Justin Stoddart
House Prefects: Daniel Zahn, Joel Vides, Michael Velloza and Welu Tembo

Graham House
Head of House: Reece Galloway
Second Head of House: Philip Beynon (Additional College Prefect)
House Prefects: Jason Thomas, Jonathan Moremi and Lukhanayiso Bomela