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Elevate Workshops

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Sep 13, 2019
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Sep 13, 2019

Elevate Workshops

Grade 8 – Ace you Exams

The Grade 8 boys attended the Ace Your Exams workshop this week. This was a follow on to the Study Sensei workshop that they attended at the beginning of the year. In this workshop they learnt about the 6 biggest mistakes in exam preparation and the 7 steps for preparation excellence to overcome these mistakes. They learnt that the ideal length of time to start preparing before exams is three weeks and that this did not include writing notes. Writing notes needs to be done in term time! They were also encouraged to use an exam planner to help them work in a more structured manner leading up to exams. A copy of this planner can be downloaded from the Elevate student portal. To end the workshop, they were taught 3 steps to exam room excellence to help them perform at their best on the actual day of the examination. The boys were all given workbooks which I encourage them to keep safe and to refer back to before the end of year exams.


Grade 10 – Finishing Line

On Monday our Grade 10s took part in their final Elevate Workshop. Some were first exposed to this amazing company in the Junior School and others for the first time when they arrived at St Andrew’s College in Grade 8.

Over the years we have tailor made our study skills programme, in conjunction with Elevate, to best suit our boys’ needs. Each workshop builds on from the previous one, with time to also reinforce previously learnt skills to ensure that the boys don’t forget these. There is no doubt in my mind that each boy learns at least one or two new skills that can be incorporated as part of his study regime, even our already diligent and hardworking boys. Elevate has the knack of identifying bad habits and teaching simple and effective means of remedying these in order to gain maximum benefit. Some boys may not realise what valuable information they have received over the years and some are still clinging to the notion that writing notes and spending hours memorizing these are effective study methods. This may work for them at school but sadly not at university where the volumes of work are just too much.

I encourage all the boys to treasure the workbooks they have received from Elevate over the years (or to come and get new ones from Yvonne Lion-Cachet if they have misplaced theirs) and to try and implement some of the suggestions in their next set of examinations. These ideas have all been well researched. If they have taken nothing else onboard over the years, then I hope that the one thing they will remember is the value of doing past papers – a minimum of two to three for all subjects.

The Finishing Line Workshop covered three areas of focus, namely Exam Focused Study, Stress and Wellbeing and Holiday Study. The boys were taught how to remove their blind spots and gain a deeper understanding of their work. This involved using their current tests and past papers as starting points rather than end points of the studying process. They were also taught how to use a bulletproof booklet to target their weaker areas of understanding.

A digital copy of the booklet is available for them to download from the Elevate Student Portal. The workshop also showed them how to identify symptoms of stress and to put a plan in place to address their stress. They were encouraged to prioritise their health, especially over exam periods.

To end, they were given some great tips on how to incorporate study time into their holiday breaks. This will obviously become more and more necessary as they move into their final school years. All in all this was another very valuable workshop which was largely well received by the boys. They commented that they enjoyed the presenter and found him to be interesting, funny and easy to relate to.