IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships - St Andrew's College

IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships

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Sep 3, 2019
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IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships

The IFSC Climbing World Championships are the biennial world championships for competition climbing organized by the International Federation of Sport Climbing. This event determines the male and female world champions in the three disciplines of sport climbing: lead climbing, bouldering, and speed climbing.

During the holidays, Matt Grunewald travelled to Arco, Italy to compete in the IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships. The competition was extremely tough and there were over a thousand athletes competing from 50 countries. The entire South African team held the flag high.

Competing in the U17 age group, Matt came 66 out of 77 for lead, and 66 out of 85 for bouldering, this bodes well for the experience for him considering that he will be competing in this age category again next year.

The capping ceremony which was held in Johannesburg prior to the team departing for Italy was extremely special and Matt looked the part in his South African blazer.