Inter-House Reading Cup - St Andrew's College

Inter-House Reading Cup

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Aug 8, 2019
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Aug 12, 2019

Inter-House Reading Cup

This is a new competition at St Andrew’s College and the intention is for it to be more than a competition but a challenge to make more boys read and make use of the library.

Over the course of the year boys have been given the opportunity to read books and then write short reviews on their books and post them on the SAC Cawse Library Book Review site and score points for their houses.

Special mention must be made of Christopher Birrell and Liam McNaughton who were the individual pupils who posted the most reviews. Although the juniors seem to be doing most of the reading, maybe the seniors should make use of this competition to help them to meet the requirement of having a reading list of seven books at the end of Grade 12. It would certainly be useful for them to access the site and get some recommendations for holiday reading.

The final points tally for 2019 was:

6th: Upper

5th: Graham

4th:  Merriman

3rd:  Espin

2nd: Mullins

1st place and the first winners of the lnterhouse Reading cup Armstrong House.