Geography Olympiad

Eastern Cape Short Course Gala
Aug 12, 2019

Geography Olympiad

The 3rd National Geography Olympiad was held earlier this term, with 1300 learners participating from 72 schools across South Africa.

Certificates are awarded for participation to: (and these can be collected in your houses)

  • Brayden Barrat, Andrew Coxwell, Brady Henaghan, Sebastian Jackson, James MacRobert, Evan Rennie, Likhona Rulashe and Luke Stuart.

Congratulations to the following boys for achieving in the top 15%. Our thanks to Prof Di Wilmot, representing the South African Geography Olympiad committee, for presenting the Olympiad certificates. 

  • Ryan Ford, Chris Poole, Daniel Stijkel and Tom Spiro – all receive bronze certificates for coming in the Top 15%
  • Christian Diedericks – Silver certificate for Top 10%
  • Dylan Bowker and Eric Taylor – Gold certificate for Top 5%
  • Euan Stokes and James York – Platinum for coming in the Top 1%. (Euan 7th  and James 3rd)

Well done to all these boys.