Annual Tennis House Matches - St Andrew's College

Annual Tennis House Matches

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Jul 3, 2019
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Jul 11, 2019

Annual Tennis House Matches

The much anticipated Tennis House Matches took place in the first half of the term and the vast majority of match days saw the senior and junior teams from all houses well organized, competitive and displaying a good attitude. As has often been the case, many senior boys expressed their love of tennis and regret for not having stuck with it in the junior years.  The beauty of tennis is that it is a life-skill and one can stay involved and competitive for many years beyond school.

The senior section was a bit of a one-horse-race at the front but a good tussle ensued for 2nd place between Armstrong, Merriman and Mullins. The junior section was more closely contested with Upper, Graham and Merriman fighting it out for the silverware.

All in all it was another fantastic inter-house competition and all participants can be congratulated for their effort, house pride and sportsmanship.  Thanks must go to the various House Tennis Captains for making sure their teams were organized and to the coaches who convened the matches.

The final results were as follows:



6th Espin          5th Mullins       4th Armstrong              3rd Graham      2nd  Merriman

1st  Upper



6th  Espin          5th Graham      4th  Merriman             3rd  Mullins      2nd  Armstrong

1st  Upper


Well done to all the players and will the senior and junior Tennis Captains from Upper please come forward to receive the trophies and our congratulations.