Open Mic Night - St Andrew's College

Open Mic Night

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Apr 6, 2019
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Apr 10, 2019

Open Mic Night

The growing success of the Open Mic event is evident in not only the attendance, but in the class and variety of performances. These events provide an opportunity for emerging musicians to gain experience performing to a live audience without having to go through the normal process of signing up for a concert or organising their own gig. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for learners who want to try performing for the first time, in a safe and creative environment which encourages and supports all who are brave enough to try it.

The last weekend before the end of an extremely busy term, and after a culturally demanding week seemed like a risky time to hold an open mic night, however, the energy present at the event spoke otherwise. It was a wonderful opportunity for friends to bid farewell to each other before the holidays in a relaxed and entertaining environment. The roaring fire drums, hot chocolate and snacks aided in the event being once again well supported with the seating area outside the music school packed with eager and excited learners.

But the real credit for the full attendance has to go to the talented performers of the night. Performances ranged from musical ensembles consisting of guitars and keyboard, a ukulele duet with singing, original compositions and solo poetry recitals. Cultural prefects, Lucy Schlebusch and Lisakhanya Maqula can once again be commended for organizing a spectacular event and to Lukhanyiso Bomela and Jonathan Moremi for running the sound for the night.

Congratulations to all participants and special thanks to Mr Jayson Flanagan for facilitating this important event.