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College gives to Gift of the Givers

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Mar 26, 2019
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Mar 26, 2019

College gives to Gift of the Givers

Last week was National Water Week and Friday 22 March was Global Water Day.

As a result of the local drought and water management challenges, the Gift of the Givers have come to Grahamstown to donate drinking water as a short term solution. They also drilled several boreholes around town which will help supply water to those most in need into the future.

St Andrew’s College and DSG pupils were asked to contribute to the Gift of the Givers’ cause by buying and donating a 5 litre water bottle, during water week, last week.

A total of 331 bottles (1750l) of drinking water was donated.

Prep = 100

SAC = 98

DSG = 85

Staff = 24

Unaccounted = 24

Thank you to all who supported this initiative by donating water.