Cawse Library Headmaster’s tea - St Andrew's College

Cawse Library Headmaster’s tea

DB Wylde Leadership Indaba 24 November at 18h00
Nov 9, 2018
Remembrance Day
Nov 19, 2018

Cawse Library Headmaster’s tea

“The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” ― Mark Twain

 The Library Headmaster’s tea is a prestigious event at College that every Grade 8 boy aspires to attend. It is mainly focused on Grade 8 boys who either display great leadership inside and outside the classroom or those who have found a love of reading and are actively sharing their reads with others. It has become the norm for the Grade 8 boys to bring a book to the Information Literacy classes. A growing trend was observed this year – more and more the boys’ default status was either reading a great book or inquiring about the possibility of what to read next. Quiet afternoons are a thing of the past for College Librarians as more and more boys are either actively suggesting books to purchase or inquiring about book recommendations.













Finding a great read is no longer a question for the Grade 8’s but sharing what they have read has become their new norm. It is encouraging to see the good books that the boys are reading, judging by the quality of the book reviews that these boys have contributed on the Cawse Library website. Once a book review is approved by the College Librarian, it is posted on the Cawse Library website in order for the entire College community to read. This is a great contribution as these boys have set a trend of educating the entire school community about reading. This has relieved the College Librarians greatly as they simply point everyone who is looking for a new genre or the next great read to the book review page. Armstrong House followed by Espin are the leading houses so far with Mullins coming up closely. It is proper to acknowledge Christopher Birrell and Liam McNaughton who have been the major contributors.

It is a great feeling to see the boys spend their down time lying comfortably on bean bags with, either a digital book or, a physical copy, or just simply browsing through the shelves looking for their next read. On Wednesday 14 November, the Headmaster enjoyed a tea with 12 enthusiastic boys who kept him engaged the entire time. He was asked questions about College, his current reads, his marketing strategies, his trips and, of course, somebody finally asked the famous question about his love of Land Rovers. Mr Thompson commended the boys on their hard work and shared his own story of when he first encountered computers and printing. The tea ended on a high note when they discovered one model of the Land Rover in Mr Thompson’s office which was printed from the Cawse Library 3D printer in collaboration with CAT department and the Design & Technology Centre.