Special visit to the Cawse Library - St Andrew's College

Special visit to the Cawse Library

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Oct 22, 2018
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Special visit to the Cawse Library

Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.”
–R. David Lankes

Mrs Meg Williams and her group of library lovers booked The Cawse Library visit about two years ago. At the time of her phone call the library’s refurbishing project was in its initial stages. The group is known as Meg’s group and each member of the group is not only passionate about libraries but they love keeping their imagination alive by discovering and reading books.

The long awaited visit finally happened when Meg’s group made their way to the newly renovated Cawse Library for their visit on Friday the 5th of October 2018. The group was made up of Rose Buchner, who has strong relations with St Andrew’s College, Rosemary Andersen and Meg Williams (a parent to Sally), Sarah Jane Williams (DSG old girl who left in 1987) and Old Andrean David Glyn Williams who left College in 1985. Meg’s group enjoyed the visit and were taken around for a tour of the beautiful Cawse Library. The College librarians enjoyed many stories, which ranged from College to Grahamstown and their children, told to them by the ladies. The group expressed their appreciation of the space and future visits are planned. Towards the end of their visit, a College Book Room book made its way back to the College library after 33 years. A faithful Mrs Williams presented it back to the library. This is one of the many treasures of being a College librarian – there is never a dull moment. The Cawse Library look forward to a happy relationship with Meg’s group. They are a strong link to our community.