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Leadership Honours at College

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Oct 4, 2018
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Oct 8, 2018

Leadership Honours at College

Jonathan Erik Campbell

Jonathan exemplifies servant leadership. He has held numerous leadership positions at St Andrew’s College and has executed each of them with humility, skill, compassion and conviction, putting the needs of others before his own. He has been a role model of integrity and has shown the courage to stand up for what is right even if it is not the popular view. He sees where help is needed long before others do and is proactive in taking steps to make a positive difference in the lives of others. He has treated everyone with whom he has interacted with dignity and respect, irrespective of their perceived status.









Jonathan was a member of a superb team of Ingleside Prefects who were instrumental in settling the Armstrong Grade 8s into College, and particularly into boarding. His care and nurturing through the year has provided boys with stability and a sense of security which resulted in a positive atmosphere and sense of belonging in the House. There is much that he did behind the scenes for the boys of which they were not aware. His practical approach to life meant that he was forever thinking ahead and pre-empting what needed to be done in order to facilitate their transition into College.

Jonathan has led the Shooting Club excellently, as Adjutant in Grade 11 and Captain in Grade 12. This excellence has not only been in the form of producing good scores, but also included the essential qualities of leadership such as honesty, trust, courage, loyalty, honour, commitment, kindness, laughter, fairness, acceptance, humour, innate wisdom, organizational skills, reliability, punctuality, and respect for others. These leadership qualities (so critical for the guidance of others) are all underpinned by his personal faith, belief and strong moral character.

Jonathan has served the Pipe Band with distinction. Leading by example, he has been a guiding force for new pipers coming through. His genuine care for the members of his band has created an environment in which they could thrive. His quiet leadership, maturity, impeccable deportment, and gentlemanly demeanour have brought credit to the Pipe Band and St Andrew’s College.

Jonathan is a young man who is grounded in his Christian faith – the very faith that is at the heart and foundation of our school. The manifestation of his faith has been evident in the day-to-day life of College, such as in the leading House prayers and ensuring that boys have access to the Chapel. Jonathan has also played a key role in transforming SCA into a fellowship led by the boys, and has positively impacted a number of boys at College along their own personal faith journey.

Jonathan has remained himself – never a thought of entitlement or a hint of seeking reward or acknowledgement. We can truly say that College is a better place for having Jonathan Campbell pass through it.

Jonathan is an inspirational leader and leaves behind a legacy of servant leadership to which all College boys can aspire.









Peter John Jarvis

From the day he arrived at College, Peter Jarvis has displayed sound leadership qualities. He has captained age group sports teams throughout his five years at the school and, as a leader, he has grown in his understanding of the roles he has fulfilled and the manner in which he has executed them. Peter has not only been recognised for his leadership qualities on the sports field internally but has also captained provincial U14, U16 and U18 hockey teams. He was privileged to captain the Eastern Province U15 cricket team in 2015 and the SA U16A hockey team in 2016. The example of professionalism and commitment that he sets for his teammates is unrivalled and he spends many hours outside of the normal practice times ensuring that he strives to be the best in all that he does.

Peter’s leadership style on the sports field has been one of leading from the front. He has always worked hard to set the highest possible standards for his team to emulate, and has encouraged and supported them along the way. He is a courageous leader who does not back down from the challenge and thrives under pressure. He has always been a team player, putting the needs of his team ahead of his personal ambition and drive to achieve. Through the sheer force of his personality and outstanding work ethic, his teammates rise to the challenge of excellence he sets.

Away from the sports field, Peter has shown another side to his leadership skills. He is guided by a strong set of values and principles by which he strives to live. He has acted as a positive role model to all these around him and has worked hard to ensure that there has been a positive, warm atmosphere at College. This has been extended to our relationship with our sister school, which has been a good one this year. As the Head of School, Peter has been held to a higher level of expectation. When faced with potentially explosive situations, Peter has sought counsel, listened to opinions and acted in a manner in which he feels has been in the best interests of all parties involved. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Grade 8 boys have transitioned well into the school and that they got an understanding of what it is to be an Andrean. Much of what Peter has done has gone unnoticed but has been instrumental in setting a positive atmosphere in the school.

Peter’s leadership has been characterised by an incisive intellect, clear-thinking decision-making, and unwavering adherence to what he believes is right. Despite his stature and his extraordinary personal achievements, he has commanded the respect and admiration of boys and staff alike through his temperate and imperturbable nature, his pursuit of excellence, and his total lack of pretention. He is every bit an Andrean – one that every College boy should strive to emulate. He leaves College a better place, and is a most deserving recipient of Leadership Honours.

Leadership Awards Committee