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President’s Award at College

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Sep 28, 2018
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Sep 28, 2018

President’s Award at College

President’s Award is an organisation that prides itself in encouraging the youth to get involved in and be more aware of their community. With more than 14 300 participants from schools, youth groups and correctional facilities around South Africa. Known then as The Gold Shield Award, St Andrew’s College became the first school in the country to adopt the Award Programme

Congratulations to the pupils that have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold Standard of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award through the President’s Award.









Gold Award:

Daniel Erasmus

Oscar Liss












Silver Award:

Andrew Coxwell,

Sebastian Paton,

Michael Stavridis,

Luke Stevens

Gabriel Walsh








Bronze Award:

Cameron Clowes,

Ayomideji Israel-Akinbo

Ethan Lion-Cathet