Celebration of Honours Awards at College - St Andrew's College

Celebration of Honours Awards at College

Music Honours for Daniel Erasmus
Sep 27, 2018
President’s Award at College
Sep 28, 2018

Celebration of Honours Awards at College









Honours Award for First Aid – Nicholas de Jager

Nicholas has brought energy and enthusiasm to the First Aid Club since his Grade 8 year and his commitment has been unwavering. His dedication to the club has been exemplary, from recruiting new members to always delivering a high level of care to those injured during sport or on campus.  Nicholas completed the Level 3 First Aid course in his Grade 8 year and repeated it last year to keep his skills and knowledge up to date. He is a highly competent first aider. Whether at the side of the rugby field, astro turf, Settlers Dam, during Fish River Journey or at the poolside, Nicholas has consistently and selflessly given of his time and skills to the benefit of those around him.

In addition to his knowledge and skills, Nicholas has shown leadership within the club.  He has been an excellent role model to his peers and eagerly shares his knowledge with club members, relating how to deal with challenging situations as a first aider and the importance of applying first aid principles to every situation. He has led the club effectively, tirelessly attending to the administrative duties of the club, chairing first aid meetings and always bringing an interactive and fun element to practising skills with the team. Nicholas’ passion and commitment to First Aid are evident and his devotion of over 200 hours to First Aid service is an outstanding achievement. I believe that Nicholas is most deserving of this Honours Award.









Honours Award for First Aid – Nic Stadler

Since Grade 9, Nic has been a dedicated member of the First Aid Club and an active volunteer.  Since 2016, he has also been a member of the Club’s Leadership Committee.  Nic plays an important role in the team, bringing fresh ideas and good problem-solving skills to the group. He is also an asset to the first aid squad, remaining calm and decisive in any situation.

Nic is a proficient first aider and serves as a great role model to junior club members. He is keen and reliable and always willing to fill the gap and stand in when needed. His strong administrative skills have been an asset to the running of the club and his calm and practical approach on the field is a reassurance to those he is assisting. The hours that he has committed to packing kits, preparing equipment and effective first aiding have contributed hugely to the success of the club. Nic has given over 150 hours of dedicated service, which shows outstanding commitment. Nic is most deserving of this Honours Award.









Honours Award for Community Engagement – Daniel Erasmus

Daniel has been the true embodiment of a servant leader. He has given most generously of his time serving the school, Grahamstown and broader communities. He has done this freely and selflessly and in doing so has inspired those around him to do the same.

Daniel’s involvement in The President’s Award has seen him move through each of the three levels, with his Gold awaiting approval. His leadership in this arena has contributed significantly to the increased number of President’s Award completions at St Andrew’s in the last few years, particularly in the junior grades. He has participated in two residential projects and was instrumental in the rejuvenation of the House Committees making service activities more accessible.

Daniel has been an active participant in the Community Engagement Committee and has led the Mullins House Committee with aplomb. He has been involved in projects for all his years at College, doing so with great commitment. As Community Engagement Portfolio Prefect, Daniel has shown great dedication and leadership. He has ensured that community engagement at St Andrew’s has remained authentic and relevant. He has managed the committee, making sure that deadlines are met and that members are accountable. This fine management and selfless service has helped ensure greater House participation. He has kept a finger on the pulse, providing motivation whenever necessary.

Daniel has been instrumental in implementing the Mandela Day fundraiser which contributes to the Good Shepherd Nutrition Project, as well as the Steers Wacky Wednesday fundraisers. He took the initiative to start the Friday Afternoon litter pickup and manages the Academic Extension Duty List. He has been involved in several different activities with the Tiger Titans, most notably in the creation of the Mullins House braai day. He has served on organising committees for the Grade 10 Soccer Day, 24 4 Smiley and G-Town Funk. He has visited the SPCA on multiple occasions, volunteered as a Park Run Marshal, and tutored for the S2S programme. He has also been involved in the tutoring of boys from Eluxolweni.

Daniel has helped mentor a great number of the younger boys and inspired them through his selfless service. His passion and dedication to the service of others is evident in all that he does. There is never a task that is too small, and he is always willing to help. He is a young man of great ideas and action, and is most deserving of the Honours Award for Community Engagement.