Music Honours for Daniel Erasmus - St Andrew's College

Music Honours for Daniel Erasmus

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Sep 26, 2018
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Sep 28, 2018

Music Honours for Daniel Erasmus







Grade 12 pupil Daniel Erasmus has made an extraordinary contribution to the musical life of St Andrew’s College since his arrival in 2014. He has performed regularly for Senior Open Concerts, SAC/DSG Youth Music Festivals, House Music Competitions and assemblies, and even in Chapel, occasionally. As a result of the dearth of Cellists at College, Daniel was thrust into the role of principal Cellist very early. He achieved the significant milestone of a Trinity College Grade 7 certificate in his Grade 9 year, and a Grade 8 certificate the next year in Grade 10. Most musicians only achieve this level after leaving school. Even more remarkably, during the recent August holidays, Daniel played the very demanding performance examination known as the Associate of the Trinity College London (ATCL) diploma which is equivalent in standard to the first year of an undergraduate degree. We await the results. Another pertinent achievement was his well-attended and highly acclaimed Solo Recital in the Music School auditorium over a lunchtime earlier this year.

In 2017, Daniel was selected to attend the Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival and in 2018 he was admitted to the South African National Youth Orchestra course. Unfortunately, he was unable to take up the latter appointment due to a clash with the ATCL examination. Daniel is an absolute stalwart of the string programme in the Music School. For the past two years he has been one of the two leaders of the SAC/DSG String Orchestra. During the same period, he has also been a leading light in schools’ String Quartet as well as leading a very successful Cello Choir. During his final IEB Music Practical examination recently, Daniel achieved a distinction result of 90 percent. Over and above all this, he is no slouch at the Piano either, and is the proud holder of a Grade 6 Piano certificate.

All in all, Daniel Erasmus is a remarkable young musician with a bright future. Already the recipient of music colours, he richly deserves his award of MUSIC HONOURS.