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House Tennis Matches

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House Tennis Matches

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House Tennis matches took place during the first part of the term and the round robin stages saw every house team try to accumulate as many points as possible in order to qualify for the finals. Eventually it was Upper and Merriman in the seniors and Espin and Upper in the juniors who qualified to compete for the silverware.  The format for the final was two singles matches and two doubles matches played to the best of 13 games each, which meant the first team to win 27 games would be the champion.

In the senior final, it was very close and tense for the first half of the proceedings but then the Upper doubles pairs managed to secure good wins to relieve the pressure, allowing their singles players to relax and swing freely. Rogan and Cuthbert had a fantastic battle that came down to the wire, with Cuthbert prevailing in the tie breaker 7-6. Van der Meulen put up a fantastic fight against Houghton but eventually went down 4-9. Eventually Upper proved too strong and managed to secure the victory by 36 games to 16.

In the junior finals it was Marx and Taylor who managed good wins in the singles, taking the pressure off their doubles pairs which eventually lead to a well-deserved 30 – 20 win for Espin.

The overall results were as follows:


6th Mullins, 5th Graham, 4th Merriman, 3rd Armstrong, 2nd Upper, 1st Espin


6th Espin, 5th Mullins, 4th Graham, 3rd Armstrong, 2nd Merriman, 1st Upper

It was a great term of House Tennis and I would like to thank the captains for their efforts in making sure their teams were ready and to all the players who took part.