Jacko Maree (Upper, 1973) - The President's Special Investment Envoy - St Andrew's College

Jacko Maree (Upper, 1973) – The President’s Special Investment Envoy

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Jacko Maree (Upper, 1973) – The President’s Special Investment Envoy

I am sure you are aware of the ambitious new investment drive for South Africa that was recently launched by our President.   Reviving the South African economy through significant new investment is a major priority for government, as it is a vital component in driving economic growth and job creation, thereby reducing poverty and unemployment.

President Ramaphosa has invited Jacko Maree (Upper, 1973) to join the team as one of his four Special Investment Envoys.

JackoMaree The goal of the investment drive is to generate at least US$ 100 billion in new investments over the next five years.  With this in mind, Jacko will be working alongside fellow Investment Envoys – Trevor Manuel, Mcibisi Jonas and Phumzile Langeni – over the next few months, engaging both domestic and foreign investors and promoting the many opportunities that exist in South Africa.

Jacko is perfectly equipped for this vital role.  He has enjoyed a very successful business career and has won numerous international accolades for his achievements in banking.  At the same time, he has undertaken leadership roles in government-business forums and has built many relationships to shape a successful economy providing benefits and opportunities for all South Africans.

Jacko has offered to do this work for the President pro bono and he will continue in his existing roles at St Andrew’s College, Standard Bank and Liberty.

We are delighted that an Old Andrean, past parent, College benefactor and our Chairman of Council has taken up this exciting form of “national service” for the benefit of all South Africans.

On behalf of the entire Andrean community, we wish him every success as he continues to make a difference in so many ways. His example is an inspiration to us all.

God Bless

Alan Thompson