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Work Trophies

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Mar 23, 2018
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Mar 29, 2018

Work Trophies

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Work Trophies are based on the average of the Application Marks achieved by each Tutor Group. Congratulations to the following Tutor Groups on winning the Work Trophies for the Easter Term.

In Grade 8, the Armstrong New Boys have set the pace for the rest of the grade.

In Grade 9, Merriman have retained the trophy, although we had to go to two decimal places to decide between Graham house and Merriman.

In Grade 10, Upper have snatched it back from Espin in emphatic style.

In Grade 11, Mullins have snatched it back from Upper.

In Grade 12, it was a close tussle between Mullins and Espin, with Espin prevailing.

And in the overall points, Armstrong have taken the lead from Espin.