7 Distinctions for College pupil - St Andrew's College

7 Distinctions for College pupil

College wishes you a Blessed Christmas
December 14, 2017
Grahamstown Schools’ Cricket Festival
January 12, 2018
College wishes you a Blessed Christmas
December 14, 2017
Grahamstown Schools’ Cricket Festival
January 12, 2018

7 Distinctions for College pupil

“This year’s Matric results are the best results in the history of our school, a fitting end to a year of really excellent work by our Matric group. Real excellence. It is so easy to talk about but so hard to achieve. The achievements of the class of 2017 symbolise the magic that is created when hard work, talent, and passion combine. There are no short cuts to excellence.  Each achievement reflects a network of support that includes teachers, parents, and a structured and disciplined environment that creates the space within which our boys can flourish.  How blessed we are, how much we have to be thankful for! ”

Mr Alan Thompson, Headmaster of St Andrew’s College

11464 candidates wrote the National Senior Certificate through the IEB this year with a 98,76% pass rate nationally. The 2017 St Andrew’s College Matrics achieved a 100% pass rate, and all the boys have qualified to study at tertiary level for degree (97%) or diploma (3%) courses.

We warmly congratulate Taha Anjum (Grahamstown/King Williamstown) on achieving a full house of distinctions this year. His academic focus and sheer hard work was an inspiration to his peers and admired by us all.

Taha Anjum (Large)

We also offer our congratulations to James Ridley (Johannesburg), Joshua Starr (Kimberley), Alex Holmes (Grahamstown), Rorke Wilson (Johannesburg), Jamie MacGregor (White River), Murray Breetzke (Johannesburg), Dillan Sievwright (Kenya) and Nicholas Poole (Port Elizabeth), who all achieved six distinctions.

James Ridley (Large)    Joshua Starr (Large)    Alex Holmes (Large)

Rorke Wilson (Large)    James MacGregor (Large)    Murray Breetzke (Large)

Dillan Sievwright (Large)    Nicholas Poole

The following boys did exceptionally well in the following subjects nationally and we applaud these young men for the single-mindedness and commitment it took to achieve these remarkable results:

Top 1% of candidates who wrote these subjects nationally:

Alexander Holmes      (Geography)

Joshua Starr                 (History)

James Ridley               (Mathematics)

Top 5% of candidates who wrote these subjects nationally:

Carel van de Wall       (Afrikaans First Additional Language)

Wesley Williams         (Business Studies)

Rorke Wilson              (English Home Language, Dramatics Arts and Physical Science)

Iain Macpherson         (English Home Language, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physical Science)

Nicholas Poole            (English Home Language)

James Ridley               (English Home Language and Visual Arts)

Taha Anjum                (English Home Language, Geography, Life Orientation, Life Sciences and Physical Science)

Alexander Holmes      (Mathematics)

Alexander Morris        (Geography)

Alexander Broekman (Geography)

Francis Christie           (History)

Thomas Ryan              (Life Orientation)

Dylan Warren-Smith   (Mathematical Literacy)

Richard Jillings           (Mathematical Literacy)

Chris Norval                (Mathematics)

Michael Wilson           (Mathematics)

Michael Scott              (Mathematics)

Luke Hobson              (Mathematics)

Matthew Owen           (Mathematics)

Dillan Sievwright        (Mathematics)

Joshua Starr                 (Physical Science)

Aaron Adriaan            (Visual Arts)

We have pleasure in summarising the results below:


  • The 103 St Andrew’s College boys who wrote the exam achieved a total of 224 subject distinctions, the highest number of distinctions achieved by a Matric class since the inception of the NSC in 2008.
  • 30% of all the subject results were above 80%, 61% above 70%, and 84% of the results were above 60%.
  • Special mention should be made of the following departments. Below are the percentages of boys who achieved distinctions in each subject:
  • Accounting 41%
  • Business Studies 33%
  • Dramatic Arts 44%
  • Geography 31%
  • History 35%
  • Life Orientation 54%
  • Mathematics 41%
  • Mathematical Literacy 76%
  • Music 50%
  • Physical Science 33%
  • Visual Arts 60%

The St Andrew’s College #AcademicExcellence programme seeks to create an environment of absolute excellence in academics, and we are proud that Phase 1, the renovation of the Spencer Chapman block into specialist Life Science and Physical Science laboratories was completed in November 2016. Phase 2, the conversion of the Cawse Library into the Cawse Centre for Reading Learning and Innovation was completed in November 2017, and Phase 3 is the rebuilding of the Norton Block which incorporates the upgrading of classrooms and teaching spaces. These are components of a programme that included the integration of IT into teaching and learning and the implementation of a world-class iPad project, as well as the introduction of Cambridge A-levels.