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The Cawse Library re-opens its doors

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The Cawse Library re-opens its doors

The Cawse Library is back to its permanent home. It is set up and running and is constantly occupied by happy bodies. Opening hours have been extended and cover prep times until the end of exams at College. Phase 2 of the #AcademicExcellence project, which included the library renovations, is now complete. A state-of-the-art, 22nd Century building that will, hopefully, speak to the changing needs of our digital natives was the ultimate goal. The grand opening of the Cawse Library and the Auditorium, which was previously called the “AV Major”, took place on Friday the 17th of November 2017.



The library’s new name “The Cawse Library: Centre for Reading, Learning, and Innovation” is in line with the newly transformed building. The library features three seminar rooms, relaxed reading areas equipped with comfortable bean bags, café bar area with a brand new coffee machine, Digital Media/Makerspace with green screens and 3D Printer, and computer workstations to support research. The library also features both collaborative and individual study spaces. Another favourite feature is the covered verandah overlooking Upper Field. Boys are often seen studying or relaxing on the balcony or simply enjoying the view.

It has only been a week in operation, and the spaces have already seen two events: the opening and staff tea which was held in the David Hodgson Exhibition Foyer on Wednesday the 22nd of November. Staff were then invited to take self-guided tours of their beautiful facility.

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The school is grateful to the boys who have chosen to serve the school through joining the Library Monitors team. The school has received many compliments from guests who received tours led by the boys. The good behaviour and the care and knowledge of their space impressed the guests.

Of course the library is necessary, and it certainly “did not take long for the boys to discover the wonderful study spaces in the beautifully refurbished Cawse Library; the perfect venue to prepare for the exams” (Aidan Smith). The 2017 Matric class enjoyed their space for one full week.

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IMG_3849     Library 1


Thank you to the Library Committee, the brains behind the beautiful building, and to all the teams on campus who contributed to the success of this space.

A special thank you to all the guests who honoured us with their presence at the Grand Opening ceremony and especially the Cawse family after whom the library is named.