Twenty College pupils selected for EP Water Polo - St Andrew's College

Twenty College pupils selected for EP Water Polo

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Nov 1, 2017
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Nov 24, 2017

Twenty College pupils selected for EP Water Polo

Over the past weekend the St Andrew’s College water polo club participated in the annual Grey Water Polo Day.

After rigorous provincial water polo trials College had 20 boys selected to represent Eastern Province at the National Water Polo championships in December in the U14 and U15 squads. Selected to the prestigious U18 team were (back row) Ross Pringle, Nicholas Behr and Andrew Ramsden. In the front row are Jacques Hoefnagels, Christian Dom and Nicholas Sutherland.

6806 SAC EP U18 Team (Large)

U18 EP selection

6803 SAC Water Polo VC (x2) and C

Congratulations to Ross Pringle and Christain Dom for being elected as Vice-Captains for the St Andrews first water polo team and Andrew Ramsden has been elected as Captain for the 2018 season.

6809 SAC EP U16A and B (Large)

U16 EP selection

6799 EP Water Polo U15A and B (Large)

U15 EP selection

EP U14 A & B

U14 EP selection

The results were as follows:


Beat Grey u14D 8-2

Beat Grey u14C 5-3

Lost to Grey u14B 5-1

5th team

Lost to Kingswood 2nds 6-4

Lost to Graeme u15A 5-3

Lost to Grey 5th team 4-3

4th team

Beat Grey 5th 5-1

Drew to Grey 4th 2 all

3rd team

Beat Grey 4ths 6-2

Lost to Grey 3rds 2-1

Beat Graeme 1sts 5-2

2nd team

Beat Woodridge 1sts 10-1

Lost to Grey 1sts 6-2

Beat Grey 2nds 3-1

1st team

Beat Kingswood 1sts 4-2

Beat Grey 2nds 5-3

Lost to Grey 1sts 6-2

Eastern Province Water Polo

U14 A and B Squad

Matthew Dovey

Oliver Rose

Richard Leach

Cameron Rafferty

Jordan Dare


Lloyd Koster

Joel Vides

Joshua Cowen

Thomas Kruger


Sinjin Broad

Reece Galloway

Samuel Ryan


Connor Stulich

Matthew Hillary

Busang Mmile

Basi malesu


Nicholas Jelley

Andrew Coxwell

Daniel Stijkel

Grant Leach

Then selected to the prestigious E.P u18A team:

Nicholas Sutherland

Andrew Ramsden

Ross Pringle

Jacques Hoefnagels

Christian Dom

Nicholas Behr