Music Honours to Francis Christie - St Andrew's College

Music Honours to Francis Christie

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Sep 22, 2017
Zuko Yaka has been awarded Music Honours
Sep 22, 2017

Music Honours to Francis Christie

In September 2013, an unassuming young lad, holding a guitar, mounted the stage in Centenary Hall in the House Music competition, and held the packed hall spellbound as he played and sang. The vulnerability and unabashed sincerity with which he expressed his musical talent touched every boy’s soul, and we knew we were witnessing something quite unique and special.

Francis went on to perform regularly for Senior Open Concerts, Youth Music Festivals, House Music Competitions, at Acoustic Café gigs in town, as well as in Chapel.

In all his time at College, he has sung in both of the choirs. In the Chapel Choir he played a typically unassuming part which belied his stature as a leading musician. He provided a quiet musical leadership without ego. The Chamber Choir has also been fortunate to enjoy his talent and here he has brought to bear all his musical knowledge together with a beautiful voice.

However, Francis is probably best known as a Guitarist. He achieved his ROCKSCHOOL Grade 8 Guitar certificate as early as his Grade 10 year in 2015. He has been an active and dedicated member of the Jazz Ensemble for five years. He has also been a leading light in the Contemporary Band up until 2016. It has been in these ensembles that he has demonstrated one of his strongest music talents: Improvisation. This ability to create fresh new music on the spot is an enviable talent which he honed by attending the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival for the last few years. In February this year, Francis and his musical soulmate, Zuko Yaka, performed for just over half an hour to a very large audience at the Paul Cluver Amphitheatre in the Western Cape as the warm-up act before the famous Watershed band took to the stage.

Francis joins the esteemed company of College’s most talented and proficient musicians, and the legacy he leaves is profound and memorable. His unique, signature style as a guitarist, and his distinctive and evocative voice will echo in the memories of College boys for many years, and he, undoubtedly, has a stellar career ahead of him as a musician.

He truly deserves this award of MUSIC HONOURS