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Honours for First Aid

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Sep 19, 2017
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Honours for First Aid


Honours first aid Madgwick (1) (Large)

Hamish has served College as a first-aider since his Grade 8 year, and has shown unwavering dedication to the First Aid Club.

He completed his Level 1 course in Grade 8 and his Level 3 course in Grade 9, and has volunteered at almost every home fixture for five Winter Sports seasons. He has served College for an impressive 215 hours over this time.

As early as his Grade 9 year, Hamish took on the responsibility of Secretary of the First Aid Club, taking charge of much of the record-keeping and administration for two years. He stepped into his role as Captain at the beginning of his Grade 11 year, and has ensured the effective functioning of the small team of volunteers since then with minimal fuss, never promoting himself.  Whenever there was a shortage of volunteers, Hamish would step in to fill the gap.

He has diligently attended to the administrative duties involved in running the club and tried new methods to streamline some of the processes. Hamish has been an outstanding ambassador for the club, encouraging his peers to become involved, and promoting the advantages of obtaining and practising a good life-long skill.

Hamish is a calm and compassionate mentor to the younger first-aiders and is supportive of his peers, making him an asset to the team, and an admirable leader. He is able to keep calm and make good decisions under pressure.  This makes him an excellent first-aider. He has not, however, become complacent, and renewed his Level 3 First Aid qualification last year, keeping his knowledge up to date and his skills polished.

His substantial contribution to College through his time commitment, his care and his leadership set Hamish apart as one of College’s exceptional first-aiders.

Hamish is a most deserving recipient of the award of CEMA Honours for First Aid.