Amakhala Game Reserve education day

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Sep 22, 2017
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Sep 27, 2017

Amakhala Game Reserve education day

Pupils leaders from St Andrew’s College and the Diocesan School for Girls participated in an all-day education programme to help inform pupils from less privileged backgrounds about the importance of conservation and especially about the Rhinoceros.


There was an inspiring talk and the pupils from St Mary’s and Ntaba Maria learnt the importance of rhino and why we need to protect these animals.

The pupils were split into two groups and some went on a game drive and the other group played soccer. There were drills and activities where the pupils learnt skills that involved coordination and precision.

Pupils were given a cap and t-shirt to assist in spreading the word about protecting rhino and why they are important.
The pupils from St Andrew’s College and DSG enjoyed their leadership roles and contributing to the younger generation’s education.