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Leaders Against Bullying

Emma Sadleir – Social Media Law
Mar 20, 2017
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Mar 27, 2017

Leaders Against Bullying

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St Andrew’s College stands together against bullying. The Headmaster, Mr Alan Thompson is seen pledging his support to the Anti-bullying Drive.

The BULLYING AWARENESS DRIVE is intended to be part of a bigger process, one in which College addresses the topic of bullying, where we focus on opportunities to build people, and where we give them the mental skills to cope with bullies in the future.

Through the raising of awareness and consultation at College, the aim is to establish a whole-school policy where everybody discusses and understands the problem of bullying, and agrees on good and bad practice.

The BULLYING AWARENESS DRIVE is reinforced through House prayers, a pledge initiative, banners, posters in different areas on campus, life orientation lessons, chapel sermons, focused tutor periods and a number of addresses by experts on the subject. We have chosen the slogan “LEADERS AGAINST BULLYING”, to tie in with our Leading Edge programme which is currently running at St Andrew’s College.

We have linked with the broader Grahamstown community and established partnerships with other schools. Emma Sadleir and Dr Lizzie Harrison, media law consultants, authors and speakers will address the pupils and staff at St Andrew’s College and Prep, DSG and Kingswood College as well as parents from the community during the Bullying Awareness Drive.

Changing the culture of a school or community with regards to bullying IS possible, when all concerned are passionate and energetic enough to stamp out this evil. I believe it is a wonderful challenge for us all!

Gunther Marx – Deputy Headmaster

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