Agatha Rex 2017 Junior Drama Production - St Andrew's College

Agatha Rex 2017 Junior Drama Production

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Agatha Rex 2017 Junior Drama Production

Agatha Rex, the 2017 Junior Production, was based on one of the earliest plays, Sophocles’s Antigone, adapted and set in the Thebes High School by Lindsay Price.  The plot involved two brothers treated differently for doing the same thing, and their sister’s search for fairness from Dr Creon, the school principal more committed to rules than to justice.  Agatha (played by Juliet Ridley) learned that crowds are cowardly and fickle, and that mob mentality leads to loss of thoughtful response.  Creon (played by Philip Beynon) is forced to a wise compromise against his nature and pattern of behaviour.  The most important and difficult character to play in a Greek tragedy is that of the chorus, who retell, interpret and amplify the story.

The production was directed by Mr Tim Barnard, Mr Alan Redfern and Mr Andrew Stuart-Watson and thanks go to Mrs Dionne Redfern, Mr Wesley Deintje and Ms Maretha Potgieter for their time and assistance with the production. Thanks also to all the pupils that participated.

The junior production was also an opportunity to implement some of the ideas that have been formulated around the Leading Edge programme. A key aspect of the programme is to create as many opportunities as possible, for as many pupils as possible, to be involved in leadership and it was felt that the production was the ideal platform for leadership learning to take place. These opportunities included full ownership of producing the play. Various responsibilities were given to pupils ranging from blocking of the play, costume design, organisation of props, make-up, set and programme design.

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