North West Open Air Rifle Championships - St Andrew's College

North West Open Air Rifle Championships

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May 2, 2016
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May 5, 2016

North West Open Air Rifle Championships

Douglas and back is a path to be least travelled, but it was a necessary one for the St Andrew’s College squad – consisting of Jonathan Campbell, Alexander Gess, Nathan Graham, John Kelly, Michael Mager and André Renaud – who were attending a coaching course and then competing in the North West Open Air Rifle Championships.

Nathan Graham, André Renaud and John Kelly all had a very good competition, achieving personal best scores in the 10m Olympic Stand event.

The boys were great ambassadors for St Andrew’s College; they may have learnt some Afrikaans along the way, and they made new friends. Best of all, they laughed a lot, and made the most of truly excellent conditions, shooting in a well-ventilated hall on a runner target system.

Congratulations to all of them on a very good effort.