Inter-House Gala - St Andrew's College

Inter-House Gala

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Feb 23, 2016
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Mar 1, 2016

Inter-House Gala

The Individual Inter-House Gala culminated in an afternoon of frenetic activity on Wednesday 24 February 2016. With the 400m and 200m finals having already taken place on Monday 15 and 22 February respectively the afternoon promised an exciting display of water-bound prowess. Every swimmer gave of their best and credit is to be given to each one of them for fighting their way through the demanding series of events. No swimmer was allowed to swim more than five individual events and so Houses had to strategically place their best swimmers where it mattered most.
Amongst these dedicated athletes, two stand out for their remarkable achievements.

Martin Wolmarans (Grade 8, Graham) won all five of his events and set a new Gala Record for the U14 100m Backstroke, completing the event in 1:13.16. This time supersedes John Maree’s 2012 record of 1:15.88 but just misses John’s School Record of 1:13.03.

As this year’s Captain of Swimming and College’s most imminent swimmer, John Maree set his sights not only on winning all of his events but also breaking some records (two of which were his), which is exactly what he did. John set a new Gala Record of 2:04.17 for the Open 200m Freestyle, a record which had only just been set by Max Kieser last year (2:05.99). He then went on to break his own Gala and School records (28.92 & 28.06) for the Open 50m Backstroke, finishing the event in a time of 27.70.

As the Inter-House Relay Gala was postponed due to bad weather we are not liberty to disclose the points earned by the competing Houses at this stage. However, it is safe to say that Graham House can be very optimistic about the final outcome of this year’s Galas.