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St Andrew’s College Annual Water Polo Day

Information Evening in Johannesburg 3 and 4 February 2016
Jan 29, 2016
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Feb 1, 2016

St Andrew’s College Annual Water Polo Day

On Saturday St Andrew’s College hosted its annual water polo day with Grey High School, Selborne College, Kingswood College and Graeme College in attendance.

With fixtures for all Colleges water polo teams from U14B to the 7th team, the polo pool was abuzz with life and the metronome of referees whistles. The St Andrew’s College teams acquitted themselves well and showed that the club is moving from strength to strength with some thrilling wins.

The results were as follows:

Lost to Selborne U14A 4-3
Lost to Grey U14A 7-2

Lost to Grey U14B 11-0
Beat to Selborne U14C 6-3
Lost to Grey U14C 6-2
Lost to Selborne U14B 13-2

Lost to Grey U15A 11-1
Lost to Selborne U15A 5-2

Drew with Grey U15C 6 all
Lost to Grey U15B 4-1
Drew with Grey 7th 3 all
Lost to Selborne U15B 8-4

Beat Grey 3rd 5-3
Beat Selborne 4ths 5-3
Beat Selborne 3rds 4-2

7th team
Lost to Grey 6th 6-4
Beat Selborne 5th 7-3
Beat Grey 7ths 9-1

6th team
Beat Grey 6th 6-5
Beat Selborne 5th 5-4

5th team
Beat Grey 5th 7-5
Beat Graeme 2nds 9-6

4th team
Lost to Selborne 4th 4-3
Beat Selborne 5th 8-1
Beat Grey 5th 8-1
Beat Graeme 2nds 13-2

3rd team
Beat Grey 4th 8-4
Lost to Selborne 3rds 8-5

2nd team
The 2nd team had a stellar day, with impressive wins, showing that with hard work and dedication comes just reward.
Beat Selborne 4-3
Beat Grey 2nds 3-2