John Jones Fish River Journey 2015 - St Andrew's College

John Jones Fish River Journey 2015

South African Schools’ Boat Race 2015
Dec 2, 2015
Eastern Cape Air Rifle Competition 4 and 5 December 2015
Dec 4, 2015

John Jones Fish River Journey 2015

The 2015 Fish River Journey has been a resounding success. From the outset a really positive approach ensured that the Groups took on challenges with enthusiasm and determination. A comprehensive programme of preparation ensured that most of the boys and girls were able to cope quite comfortably with the physical challenges, whilst the general competence around camp was good right from the start.

Every Journey is different and a lot depends on the weather. This year we were blessed with very good weather, with just two days of cold and rain. Whilst the nights were cold early on up in the mountains, as we approached the coast the days warmed up and the nights were balmy.

One of the important aspects of Journey is the opportunity to get to know other people. The absence of any electronic devices promotes much higher levels of communication and the buzz and around the campfire, the banter on the hikes and the impromptu sing-a-longs were all regular features in all the groups.

We are really privileged to be able to traverse the beautiful Eastern Cape and the support and generosity of the many farmers en route allows us to offer this wonderful experience. They are generally very excited to see young men and women appreciating the outdoors.

The Three week Journey experience is designed to have a meaningful influence on the lives of all those that take part. The depth of the experience ensures that life lessons are learnt consciously or subconsciously. Living in such close proximity to each other, the need to manage one’s food and water, to pack one’s bag efficiently and to support each other when things are tough, will all influence the way that one approaches life in future.

The Journey is a massive logistical undertaking and is reliant on a host of people in order for it to succeed. My thanks go to everyone that has made the 2015 Journey such a success. To the drivers, the medical staff, the cycle team, the Rest & Create staff, the Community Engagement staff, Mr Eksteen and his food distribution team, to the Logistics team, to the Group Leaders who did such a fantastic job, and most importantly to the boys and girls of Journey 2015, well done and thank you for making this such a memorable time.

We hope that your Journey is just beginning and that you will all have gained something significant to take forward from the experience.

Mr Pete Andrew
Fish River Journey Organiser