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Pupil harnesses talent

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Pupil harnesses talent

One of our pupils, Cameron Chadwick has moulded a bronze of a rhino, which he has donated to the “Saving the Survivors” project which works in aid of the rhino and their plight. The aim of the project is to help those rhino that have fallen victim to poaching and or traumatic incidents.

The bronze sold for R14000. The fact that he donated this bronze to help raise money shows that it is the young that will ultimately save these animals.

With the sale of his first Rhino, Cameron has been able to fulfill his dream of giving back. His presentation to “Saving the Survivors” at Shamwari will be in September.

He is incredibly talented and this is a magnificent piece of art work. We are proud of Cameron for not only making this beautiful art work, but also for donating the bronze, his time and skill in order to help the project.