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Rugby Colours Awarded

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Jun 10, 2015
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Jun 17, 2015

Rugby Colours Awarded

Colours for rugby was awarded in our weekly assembly yesterday. Colours are awarded to 1st XV players who have started 10 or more matches for the 1st XV and are based on performance as well as attitude both on and off the field.

In light of their performances so far this season the following colours awards have been made:

Tom Lane –26 caps for the 1st XV, and despite his injury he has remained part of the team and led it admirably throughout the season. Had it not been for his injury I am sure he would have been part of the EP Craven Week setup.

Grant Dixie – 28 Caps for the 1st XV and was selected for EPCD Craven Week Team this year and has been a fixture in the team since 2014.

Anthony Dakin – 18 Caps for the 1st XV. He has been a consistent performer and has been selected to represent EPCD Craven Week Team as their Captain.

Sazi Sandi – 12 Caps for the 1st XV. He has played in every match so far this season and has been selected for the EP Merit Team at Craven Week this year.

Seb Mulders – 14 Caps for the 1st XV. He has been one of the stand out players in the team this year and has performed consistently week in and week out. He was ineligible for Craven Week selection due to his nationality, but has made a huge contribution to the team this year.

All of these players have contributed heavily to the team this year, and have contributed in their own way, to the success of the 1st XV.