Hockey vs Selborne College - St Andrew's College

Hockey vs Selborne College

Rugby vs Selborne College
May 26, 2015
Once in a lifetime experience with one of the Big Five
May 26, 2015

Hockey vs Selborne College

The hockey club can look back on the Selborne fixture with great pride.

The U14C, U14B as well as the U16C and 3rd XI all drew their matches –and had chances to win!

The 4ths, U16A and U14A sides matched their opponents in all departments and the matches were won by Selborne in the last five minutes. The 1st XI match was a very evenly contested affair, with College the better side in the first half, creating seven goal-scoring opportunities to Selborne’s four.

Unfortunately, College could not capitalise on their control of the match and were beaten by Selborne who took their opportunities winning 2-0. The 2nd XI enjoyed a great win 2-0 against their Selborne counter-parts to hand College their one victory of the weekend. However, all of the College players are to be commended for their performance and ‘nec aspera terrent’ attitude in all matches. Well done!

For the record:
U14C: 0-0
U14B: 1-1
U14A: 1-3
U16C: 2-2
U16B: 0-2
U16A: 1-3
4th XI: 0-3
3rd XI: 2-2
2nd XI: 2-0
1st XI: 0-2