Dr Stephen Cook talks "the eye" - St Andrew's College

Dr Stephen Cook talks “the eye”

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May 18, 2015
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May 19, 2015

Dr Stephen Cook talks “the eye”

Today our Life Sciences pupils were treated to a talk by Dr Stephen Cook (Ophthalmologist) in the Schonland lecture theatre. Dr Cook, an Old Andrean, was head boy of St Andrew’s College in 1983 and was invited to speak to our pupils before the DB Wylde Leadership Indaba this evening.

He gave a fascinating talk on how the eye is the window to the soul, as well as to a number of body systems, and how the retina can be used to diagnose ailments of the body. His interactive approach was appreciated by the learners who used torches on their phones to visualise the blood vessel network that exists in front of the retina and how one can even see white blood cells in the vessels when looking at the blue sky. He also spoke about the dangers of looking directly at lasers (even the “safe” lasers, such as laser pointers) and at the sun. He went on to show some graphic images of eye surgery and the intricacies involved.

We are honoured to have such an accomplished speaker take the time out of his busy schedule to broaden our understanding of the eye.