Literacy Project - Teaching children to read - St Andrew's College

Literacy Project – Teaching children to read

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Literacy Project – Teaching children to read

A community engagement project is in its development stages here at College and we cannot wait to see what a powerful impact it is going to have not only on the lives of those children in the programme but also on those running the project.

The literacy project started two weeks ago and has been founded to help children to cope with high school learning and teaching.

We have 66 children who are currently part of this project. In the first session reading age assessments were done and it became clear that a great deal of work needs to be done. Boys took part in the programme as well as many of the staff at SAC.

We call on anyone who will be willing to help us with this project to come and take part in this mutual learning experience. The more children see us valuing reading as well as valuing them, the better the chance is that they will become literate. We need to do this together – Parents, Colleagues and College boys.