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Teach a Tiger to Swim

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Mar 17, 2015
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Mar 24, 2015

Teach a Tiger to Swim

Community Engagement is an essential part of life at SAC. We encourage the boys to recognise that as they give of their time and energy to others, there will be concomitant personal growth. Boys are given the opportunity to engage with others and, in so doing, begin to see similarities rather than differences.

The Teach a Tiger to Swim project is one of the many community engagement projects that takes place at St Andrew’s College. Water safety is a skill we sometimes take for granted but never the less is very important to learn. The objective of this project is to teach children who cannot swim how to become safe in the water.

About 15 children come to the College campus every Sunday to be taught how to swim by 12-15 volunteers from College as well as from the DSG. These children keep returning until they are able to handle themselves in water. Once they are able to swim safely, they are also taught basic lifesaving skills.