Grade 8 Induction - The start of a new tradition - St Andrew's College

Grade 8 Induction – The start of a new tradition

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Jan 21, 2015
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Grade 8 Induction – The start of a new tradition

Over the last two days the Grade 8s have experienced a new rite of passage which sees the start of a new tradition for the incoming Grade 8s of every year. In 2014, this rite of passage was introduced to St Andrew’s College Matric Leavers, who were led from the Centenary Hall through a tunnel made up of staff and boys weaving their way through the historic College campus to the Andrean Rescource Centre (ARC) where each boy signed his name in a leather-bound register to mark their time at St Andrew’s College.

After its overwhelming success, it was decided that a similar ceremony for the 2015 Grade 8 boys would be introduced upon their entry to College to symbolise the start of their Andrean journey. Rick Melville (OA 1976), together with the help of his brother, Rob Melville (OA 1973), Marguerite Poland (Honoury OA) and Gunther Marx (Vice Principal – Student Affairs) put together an insightful and moving presentation on what it means to be a “Honourble Andrean”.

The Grade 8s attended this presentation after which they too signed their names in the leather-bound register. After this induction ceremony into St Andrew’s College, marked by the register, the boys left the ARC and were greeted by teachers and prefects, no longer as new boys but rather as new Andreans. When these boys leave in 2019 they will once again sign the register signifying their full circle journey into the next phase of their Andrean journey as Old Andreans.