Historian in Residence - Professor Chris Danziger - St Andrew's College

Historian in Residence – Professor Chris Danziger

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Jan 16, 2015
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Historian in Residence – Professor Chris Danziger

It was with great pleasure that St Andrews’ and DSG were able to host Professor Chris Danziger, semi-retired professor of History, from Oxford University, and his wife Seonaid, over the last few days.

Professor Danziger was Head of History at St Andrew’s College during the 1970’s, and taught History to two previous Headmasters of St Andrew’s College, Mr Paul Edey and Mr Anthony Clarke, both of whom he is still in contact with.

Professor Danziger is an authority on Bonaparte and Russian History and delivered presentations to various audiences over two days. The first of which, was an insightful account of the Battle of Waterloo, which took place 200 years ago, provocatively entitled ‘Napoleon’s Final Victory!’ With great knowledge and eloquent delivery the audience was given a sense of being on the battle field among the sabres, mud and wounded and dying soldiers. With equal wisdom and understanding of historical connections, the Professor was able to weave in facts relating to Napoleon’s name being far more renowned than any other figure from the battle, despite his defeat. A truly entertaining and fulfilling experience.

In addition, in a separate presentation, we were given a thirty minute account of ‘Sarajevo- the shot that changed the world’, in which we were taken amongst other places in Sarajevo, to a coffee shop where the assassination of Franz Ferdinand took place, to the battle fields of Europe and the world, as well as to the changes to Europe and the world after the war, giving deep significance to ‘the shot that changed the world’.

During the day, Professor Danziger also joined in a few lessons, where he added his knowledge to discussions on Germany in the 1920’s, as well as giving invaluable advice to Matrics on their research projects.

The History Department has had an inspirational start to 2015 and we are hugely grateful for the opportunity to have hosted the Danzigers