Welcome to a new year - 2015 - St Andrew's College

Welcome to a new year – 2015

Matric National Senior Certificate Results 2014
Jan 5, 2015
New Boys Day
Jan 16, 2015

Welcome to a new year – 2015

“As a new year begins for College, the one hundred and sixtieth year in our illustrious history, each of us here arrives at this point of our lives through a different journey. We are all drawn to this great school for different reasons. Some mark the latest in a long line of Andreans. For others, we mark instead the beginning of such a line. For all of us, though, we are here, now, Andreans all, custodians of the future history of this incredible school.

And what a treasure we hold. St Andrew’s College is a truly great school by any measure, I am proud to be part of it. I often like to think about what makes a school truly great. Often the first thing that comes to mind is the great buildings, the computers, fields, facilities, and “stuff”.

The reality is that while those material things are great enablers, it is none of that. Bricks, stone, metal, and plastic are merely that. Great schools are made great through great people. The community that is College. In a milestone year we are writing the future history of this school.

It is in the doing of the small things well, over and over, the relationships that we will build, the contributions that we will make that will ensure that the future historians of this school write that 2015 was a record breaking group of boys that left College better for having had them”.