A new term begins... - St Andrew's College

A new term begins…

New Boys Day
Jan 16, 2015
Historian in Residence – Professor Chris Danziger
Jan 20, 2015

A new term begins…

“To the College boys, at the start of new term and a new year, we have a blank screen, ready to be filled. Each one of us a small pixel which, while interesting in its own right it only has meaning as part of a much greater picture.

I pray God’s blessings on you for an absolutely fantastic year. A year where you will give of your best in the classroom, and while there is much more to a school than academic achievement alone, academics are important in a competitive world. Ultimately, for most of us, academic outcomes will pay the bills, buy the car.

I am very pleased with the Matric results of 2014. A range of top performers and a bachelor degree pass rate of 100% is a fantastic achievement, particularly given the great levels of involvement in extra murals of the 2014 Matrics [the full breakdown of the results are available on the College Website]. The Matric group of 2014 has left College better for having had them.

I was very pleased to see such commitment at the pre-season sports camps that have been taking place leading up to the start of term. Rowing, Cricket, Hockey, and Water-Polo have all been hard at work in the week leading up to the start of term. That sort of commitment and passion points to a fantastic sporting year.

Sport teaches us as much as any academic subject. It teaches us about teams, it teaches us about healthy lifestyles, the relationship between commitment and success, it teaches us about winning, it teaches us good lessons when we lose. Every loss has a lesson. And while winning is not everything, it certainly beats losing.

This will be a year of outstanding cultural activity where music, art, and culture give expression to the soul.

Not all of us are good at everything, but everyone has something to contribute. When we all contribute what we can with passion, we create a whole much stronger than the sum of its parts.

I pray God’s blessings on this year as a whole, on us as a school and as a community. I pray God’s blessing on you as an individual, that all of your dreams and aspirations will come to fruition, and that you will be able to look back with pride on a job well done.

I pray that as we each do so, we will be able to reflect that we have done College proud, and that it is better for having had us