Long Walk 2014 - St Andrew's College

Long Walk 2014

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Dec 4, 2014
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Jan 5, 2015

Long Walk 2014

The decision to give the Long Walk and ‘Eastern Cape’ flavour and a more ‘Andrean’ feel proved to be a reasonably successful one in 2014!

The attempt to maintain the physical challenge of a few days of hiking as well as to involve the boys in some outreach work, to ensure that there was a sense of ‘symbolism’ was achieved to an extent.

The hike began in the beautiful Woody Cape forests and the boys endured some tough days of hiking from there to Kasouga, the place where they ended their ‘new-boy hike! The challenge of hiking with packs on soft sand was not easy, and a couple of groups hiked into the gnarling teeth of an ‘easterly wind’. This did not deter the boys spirits as evenings were spent regaling tales of ‘school’, ‘Journey’ and indeed this Long Walk itself! Boys enjoyed soccer and touch rugby on the beach, as well as finding tonnes of washed up flotsam! In addition most groups had the pleasure of being accompanied by large schools of dolphin as they hiked along the see shore.

On arrival at Cannon Rocks on the second day of the hike, the boys were introduced to the extensive yet cruel problem of illegal snares. The boys were shown possible places to find these snares and were given the task of ‘climbing’ into tiny tunnels in bushes and hedges to find these traps. In all, the boys found 13 snares which is a remarkable effort considering how well these are hidden.

The community outreach project was established due to a kind donation of funds for work and maintenance on a community hall in Seven Fountains, which also serves as a crèche for toddlers. Each house had the opportunity of visiting the venue prior to ‘Long Walk’ and took responsibility for their task. The inside walls were painted a ‘lighter’ colour to brighten up the room, a ‘chalk board’ was ‘made’ and fastened to the wall. Holes in the roof were mended, the area outside was cleaned up and a small sand pit created. The waste water from the Jojo tank was channelled via a cement trough to two orange trees which were planted by the boys. The energy and enthusiasm during the activity meant that tasks were completed well ahead of schedule and much time was spent playing with the children.

In addition to the above, boys had the chance to get involved in various competitions which they always enjoy! Tug-of-war, juggling, potjie cooking and soccer were highlights of the trip. Importantly, there was also time to sit and talk away from cell phones and other technology, and the banter at these times was special to witness as boys sat and chatted for hours on end indicating that life without a cell phone is possible, and also entertaining!