Grade 9 Outdoor Ed to Table Farm - St Andrew's College

Grade 9 Outdoor Ed to Table Farm

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Grade 9 Outdoor Ed to Table Farm

Did you know that you can store 74 litres of water in a dustbin?

Did you know you can make a knife and fork out of bamboo?

Did you know you that a group of 20 can survive three days on one egg and a bag of rice?

Did you know there is a bird hide at table farm?

Did you know there is now a floating jetty at table farm?

Did you know there is picnic site at table farm?

Did you know that Bear Grylls only made it through two days at Table Farm?

The grade 9 boys had a good camp and managed to execute some ambitious projects. It was a camp where boy’s ingenuity was tested and their ability to survive with limited help was put to the test.

The boys built their own shelters but unfortunately it did not rain to put these to the test, however, they were well thought out and it was good to see the boys work in groups to get this done.

Activities were challenging, especially in the heat that was experienced but the boys managed to pull together and complete a triathlon, Table top Challenge, initiative course, build a trail and spend some time with their own thoughts during the solo session.

There is no doubt that this group of boys went through some tough times on the camp, but they hung in and can be proud of what they have achieved over the past five days.

The boys arrived as eggs, progressed into chickens and eventually hit the superhuman state over the course of the week.