The Start of a New Tradition - St Andrew's College

The Start of a New Tradition

Honours Citation – Matthew Kroon
Oct 10, 2014

The Start of a New Tradition

On Tuesday, 7 October 2014, on the eve of its 160th birthday, St Andrew’s College, a school steeped in tradition, introduced a new rite of passage for their Matrics.

After attending their final school Assembly, The Class of 2014 were ceremoniously led from the Hall by two school Pipers, and Head Prefect Robert Ball, through a tunnel made up of staff and boys. The tunnel wove its way through the iconic College campus past the historic Clock Tower, the beautiful Sir Herbert Baker Chapel, and finally into the Andrean Resource Centre where each boy signed his name in a leather-bound register. The boys were then hosted to lunch where Mr Peter Allanson, an Old Andrean, spoke to them about what it means to be an Old Andrean, and emphasised what it means to be an honourable man. He concluded his talk by saying: “Today you have passed through a rite of passage to become something you will be for the rest of your life, an Old Andrean. From now on, every decision or action you make, you do so as a man and as an Old Andrean. You will be judged against those high standards. Not by the staff of the school, but by the thousands of fellow Old Andreans out there. Make them all count. You now have the honour of calling yourself an Old Andrean, something you will be until the day that the Clock Tower flag flies at half-mast, in your honour”.

The ceremony culminated in each boy receiving his Old Andrean tie, and being welcomed into a new chapter of their St Andrew’s College story.

This Ceremony will become an annual tradition for Matric pupils leaving the school, and a similar ceremony is planned for the new boys entering their school career at College in Grade 8 2015.