Supra – Curricular

Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English:

D esigned to challenge the talented Mathematics and English pupils, these courses are offered in Grades 10 – 12. They are rigorous yet interesting courses, demanding self-discipline and motivation from the pupils to cope with the additional work load.
These curricula were developed by the IEB and are not part of the NSC.

These Advanced Programmes provide capable pupils with an opportunity to focus on specific subject areas in greater detail and depth. The intention is to better prepare these pupils for tertiary study.

The UK NARIC report completed for the IEB in 2010 stated that candidates who undertook the IEB Advanced Programme in Mathematics and English were covering a syllabus β€œmore reflective of the requirements of the GCE A level in these subjects.”

Cambridge A Level Thinking Skills:

O ffered to the Grade 11 boys, this course requires attendance once a week in the evening and a large element of self- study.

Thinking Skills develops a specific set of intellectual skills involving critical thinking and problem solving – so, English and Mathematical skills are honed. The syllabus enables students to approach their other subjects with an improved ability to read and understand texts, and to analyse and resolve problems. As a result, students find the course of great benefit when preparing for higher education and for a wide range of careers, including law, scientific research, social science, journalism, medicine, business, accounting and engineering. The course offers students an excellent opportunity to express themselves freely and openly. It teaches critical and investigative thinking, and informed and disciplined reasoning.

Cambridge A Levels in Maths, English, Art and Design:

I t is with pleasure that we will be offering Cambridge A-Level courses in Mathematics, English, Art and Design to Grade 10s in 2016. This move comes after much deliberation and consideration of the shifting needs of our pupils.

The advantage of the A-Level courses is that they achieve the educational goals of stretching our top academics intellectually and setting them up for exceptional tertiary careers, whilst being globally recognised and marketable.

This does not change anything in terms of the IEB exams. Boys who take A-Level subjects, will still write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) through the Independent Examination Board (IEB) in October/November of their Matric year.

The A-Level courses will be taught as part of the school timetable, so boys will need to cover the IEB syllabus as well as the additional A-Level material during the school day. They will write the A Level exam in the May/June sitting of the CIE Exams in 2018. For this reason, a minimum competence and interest in the subject is required, and boys will be required, to some degree, to work independently.

Thinking Skills A Levels will still be offered to boys as an extra-mural course.